The Piprahwa Find is Genuine




A film about the Piprahwa find and jewels made by Icon Films and entitled "Bones of the Buddha" was broadcast at 8pm on 11th May, 2013, on the National Geographic Channel. Charles Allen investigated and the documentary was narrated by the well known actor, Charles Dance.




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Bones of the Buddha was shown on THIRTEEN the most watched public media channel in the USA

on Tuesday July 23rd 10 - 11pm ET






Below, media coverage of the film



 Charles Allen shares his thoughts on making Bones of the Buddha on the travel website - Wanderlust



Charles Allen talks to the Bristol Post about the making of Bones of the Buddha


Coverage of Bones of the Buddha for the Singaporean Newspaper, New Straits Times, and the South African Newspaper, Cape Times





The Buddha & Dr Fuhrer 



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"Allen is a scrupulous researcher...In these pages he pieces the story [of the Piprahwa find] together like the shards of a broken vase while avoiding...hasty conclusions...Allen has achieved his goal with admirable rigour"


                       Daily Telegraph, 2009


Charles Allen studies the gold discs in my collection of jewels





New Photographs


I have recently uploaded close-up photographs of the rare gold discs from my collection of jewels interred with the Buddha. These photographs show intricately crafted images of an Asiatic lion and Buddhist cross (swastika), and are over two thousand years old.



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The Piprahwa Jewels 


This relic deposit of the Lord Buddha is the share of this renowned Sakya brethren, his own sister’s children and his own son.”                                 

                         Translation of the inscription on the Piprahwa reliquary

This website tells the story of how my ancestors became involved in one of the most significant archaeological and religious finds in Buddhist history - the discovery of the Piprahwa Stupa in India, the location of the Buddha's ashes and the beautiful jewels interred with them.

It also endeavours to address the conspiracy theories about the Piprahwa Stupa excavation using archaeological and documentary evidence, rational and scientific argument, and the academic opinion of several world leading experts in Indian history and languages.

On the 11th May this year the documentary Bones of the Buddha shown on the National Geographic Channel conclusively showed that the Piprahwa inscription is authentic and could never have been forged.  

I hope you enjoy this website and this remarkable story of discovery. 

Best Wishes,

Neil Peppé










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